Donnerstag, 19. August 2010

Two tummy tucks (abdominoplasty) and one cup of hot coffee

a situation of conflicting emotions - joy, sorrow and compassion side by side

Recently I was visited by a consultant for products of cosmetic surgery. Although she couldn´t convince me of her offer, we got to talking about developments in cosmetic surgery. Her information was interesting, "who makes where what and how”, what products were worth an exchange of views.

By the way she told of her abdominoplasty and gave me so that keyword for the method of SALDANHA´s lipoabdominoplasty, I perform here at the clinic since 2005. Incredulous, she registered the fact of obtaining the feeling on the stomach and the rapid return to work after an average of one week. She made sure whether it really constitutes a full tummy tuck with moving the navel, I affirmed. Why the patients stayed only one night; who then watch out for them; how can the feeling be obtained; can they really go back to work so early - the questions turned over.

The next patient was reported and it happened by coincidence, she came to remove the stitches after an abdominoplasty. She agreed to the interview and the investigation by the third person and now it will be exciting and tragic: 

As the consultant saw the tight, flat abdomen with a pale, inconspicuous scar - only two weeks after the operation - it drove tears in her eyes. Later we learned why.

Distracted by the third person in the room I forgot the warning of the cold antiseptic spray and our patient was frightened a bit and complained, I could have said something. Then spontaneously, and almost indignant, the counselor: she could be happy that she realizes something, and - as in rage - she showed us the mountains and valleys of her belly constituted by defects of the subcutaneous fat and deposits of excess fat. In the lower abdomen a flat, palm-sized scar attracted attention, in addition to the poorly healed, widened surgical scar.

She told all her suffering: About six weeks she was in pain after surgery, three weeks the drainage had to lie, the Op-wound healed only delayed for weeks. As she bent over the breakfast table a few months after the operation, she did not feel like her shirt became impregnated with hot coffee and not as it then scalded her skin. All the sensory nerves had been severed at the standard abdominoplasty (a famous plastic surgeon had operated on her because she (the counselor) thought herself know about in the scene of the cosmetic surgery).

She calmed down only slowly, we consoled. Her correction-Op with us is booked. She congratulated the success of our patient and said something that drove me a slight blush, because it actually belonged to Dr. SALDANHA in Brazil.

Despite all the tragedy for the Consultant, more sustainable confirmation of her decision our patient couldn´t receive.

The Medical Clinic Well Dresden has been conducted since 2005, only the gentle and safe method of abdominoplasty introduced by Dr. SALDANHA. The patients remain hospitalized for one night, the drain is drawn on the very next day, then can be showered. Sutures are removed after two weeks (totally painless). Able to work normally after a week. Since the existence of the clinic no postoperative infection or scar dehiscence (separation of the Op-scar) was recorded. The hospital's own wound care approach helps prevent infections and contributes to reliable accelerated wound healing (activation of stem cells).

These statements – by experience - are to impress operating medical colleagues even deeper than patients prior to their decision doing abdominoplasty.

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Dr. Meinking

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  1. everyone's situation is different. Ask your doctor
    very interesting theory though, you may have just unleashed the health and legal reasoning for people to get lipoabdominoplasty and put it through health insurance
    Nice Job!